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Vaping Laws Are Changing May 2017

Thank you for selecting NUCIG® as your preferred choice for ecigarette kits, accessories and e-liquids.

Our main goals have always been to provide you the highest level of service, good value for money, reliable and trusted products. We continually strive to learn and further improve our service and products. We hope you have enjoyed and benefitted from the NUCIG® experience and further achieved any personal goals for a cigarette/smoke free environment.

As the ecigarette is a relatively new product, NUCIG® accept that ecigarettes at this time cannot be regarded as totally safe, however we believe ecigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco products. The Governments main public health body, ‘Public Health England’ recently issued a major scientific report supporting the view that ecigarettes offer a public health benefit for smokers and an effective route out of smoking for the country’s 8 million tobacco users. As an ethical and responsible company, we have ensured our product packaging and advice provided does not promote ecigarette use by children. We acknowledge that the ecigarette in its current form is an alternative to real cigarettes and is not a NRT medical device.

You may have heard via TV and online media the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) approved by the European Council and European Parliament. This directive describes a range of regulations relating to ecigarettes, specifically addressing marketing, packaging/labelling/safety warnings, ingredients, dosage levels of nicotine, volume of liquid refill kits and vapour emissions. Following the EU TPD recommendations, these regulations were transposed into law by the UK Government for implementation from 20th May 2016. NUCIG® fully supports the need for a regulatory framework for ecigarettes that ensures consumer safety and product quality. Over the last year, we have made major investments and worked hard in advance of the due dates to ensure full compliance with the new TPD regulations and standards.

All our kits, accessories and e liquids are sourced from only world leading R&D manufacturers using high quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients combined with a dedication to good manufacturing practice and ISO level quality assurance that meet and exceed USA & EU standards.

The final phase of TPD(2) comes into affect from 20th May 2017, this will see a major shake up of the industry and effectively lead to a much reduced product choice for the vaper and a period of time where research and innovation will bring exciting new products to the market place.

Key Points From the EU TPD

May 2016

On May 20th 2016 – Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)
came into effect within the entire EU area.
This regulation was devised in the EU parliament by un-elected officials, voted through by MEP’s and coincided with a massive increase in lobbying spend by tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. The EU directive was enacted into UK law in May 2016.

Worryingly, if 3 member states of the EU deem ecigarettes as harmful – the EU has reserved the right to ban ALL products outright.

May 2017

From May 20th 2017, TPD(2) comes into full effect. The maximum eliquid refill containers can not exceed 10ml, maximum nicotine strength of 20mg (2%) and the maximum tank capacity of 2ml.

Kits must be closed systems with a certified lockable feature and ensure consistent nicotine dosage. Ecigarettes are not medical devices which do provide a measure dose of properties. Just like smoking real cigarettes ,it is very difficult to achieve a measured consistent nicotine dosage. This will mean that almost all of the current products on the marketplace will be obsolete. The plus side is that there will be a period of new research, innovation and design to develope new exciting kits even though most likely at increased costs.

At NUCIG we have been preparing for compliance for over a year and are well positioned to adapt to the changes. We will be selling our current 20ml e liquids until the 19th of May 2017 and hope to have all our popular flavours available in 10ml size after that, unfortunately anything above 20mg strength will be discontinued.

All current filter/cartomiser based kits higher than Zero nicotine content will be discontinued.
All current eliquid bottles in 20ml size will be discontinued.

All current clearomisers/tanks will be discontinued.

We will be introducing new TPD compliant starter kits, tanks and e-liquids in late April/May 2017.

What Can I Do ?

Remember – it is still LEGAL and OK to use your received supplies.
We recommend stocking up on your regular products well before the 20th of May 2017 as we anticipate a big demand due to customers stock piling in preparation for the ban.

Until stocks last - up to 80% discount to help you to stock up in good time.