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The Vape Olympics

The second annual ĎVape Olympicsí was held on Friday in Atlanta, Georgia by a local vape shop and there are many more events of the same nature held in other US cities, like Chicago and Oklahoma. These vaping events have proven extremely popular among local vaping communities and with very reasonable entry fees for both competitors and spectators, they represent a great night out for all, especially vape trick enthusiasts and vape vendors.

Competition is often tough, especially with an event in Oklahoma offering a $2500 cash prize for first place, with second and third places receiving $1000 and $500 respectively. If a cash prize like that that doesnít inspire you to master vape tricks such as the tornado, the dragon or the ghost inhale, who knows what will!

Why Hold a Vape Olympics?

Well, why not? Vaping is more than a means of getting your nicotine intake in a much safer way than smoking, as itís also given birth to a number of local vaping communities across the globe who get together and celebrate their common interests Ė vaping and vape tricks.

Putting together an event like this would be great fun for all involved and if itís possible for you to charge entry fees for competitors you could certainly offer some great prizes for the best vape tricks on the night.

Vape Tricks to Learn and Master

There are some pretty amazing vape tricks to learn and some vapers have achieved celebrity-like status in their local and online vaping communities. Here are a few of the best vape tricks to learn and master:

  • Ghost Inhale

One of the easiest vape tricks to master, which makes it great for newbies, the ghost inhale involves releasing a cloud of vapour from your mouth, then quickly snapping (inhaling) it back in. Take a long drag, hold the vapour in your mouth, then exhale it in a ball and inhale it back in quickly.

  • The Waterfall

Some vapers donít consider this to be a trick as you need a bottle with ice in the bottom, but itís still a great vape trick that looks really cool. Take a long drag and slowly blow vapour into the bottle, then turn it upside down and let the vapour slowly pour out.

  • French Inhale

This is an intermediate vape trick, so master tricks like the snap inhale before trying this one. Take a drag and without inhaling it, let it settle, then open your mouth and let it come out slowly as you inhale through your nose.

  • Tornado

Another intermediate vape trick, the tornado looks as cool as it sounds. Take a really long drag, exhale it onto a flat surface, then using your hand, chop at it and flick your wrist up while lifting your arm in the one rapid movement to create a tight, twisting spiral that looks like a tornado.

Whether youíre interested in arranging a Vape Olympics in your local area, youíre planning to compete in one or youíd simply like to attend and enjoy the night with your fellow vapers, itís time to let the games begin!