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Helped my Partner go from 25 to 2 cigs a dayMay 25, 2012
Reviewer: steve Coleman from Kent, United Kingdom
I was a harden smoker who enjoyed cigarettes. buying the Nucig starter kits has managed to help me cut down from 25 to 2 cigs a day almost immediately. Hopefully I will be able to stop altogether in time. I liked the fact that I still have the action of smoking, which I do not get with any other method for quitting. Excellent product.

Great beginning to, what is hopefully the end.May 21, 2012
Reviewer: Sue from Bolton, Greater Manchester United Kingdom
Been off the ciggies for four days now and looking good.

the bestMay 18, 2012
Reviewer: roger from ware, hertfordshire United Kingdom
i have very little will power but i brought this product about a week ago and it is excellent,it taste's like the real thing and gives you the hit of a proper cigarette,i now smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes a day instead of 20.
would reccomened to anyone who wants to cut down or stop.... excellent product nucig.....

A Great Alternative to a Packet Of CigarettesMay 16, 2012
Reviewer: Maralyn Smith from Deeside, Flintshire United Kingdom
What a great alternative to a packet of cigarettes that will not do much for your health but if you want to give up the chemicals that damage your health but at the same time like me if stressed take a ciggy then these are just the product for you
I enjoy my cigarette and have just ordered my value pack of low tar Nucig and the Customer Service is GREAT
Thanks for your help
M Smith
Great Product! Buy the best and leave the poor imitations alone :)

A Big Thank You To Everyone @ NUCIGMay 1, 2012
Reviewer: Reverend Colin Dore from Hampshire United Kingdom
I was smoking 20+ Full strength cigarettes per day for the past ten years.
When asked by my friends when i would be giving up smoking, my answer was always the same," Never ".

I enjoy smoking too much and never want to stop, however,due to the now ridiculous tax on cigarettes,i decided to buy the Nucig Pro Pack to cut down & help reduce the cost of my smoking.

I thought it would take 8 weeks to cut down to 1-3 real cigarettes per day.I was surprised that after using the Nucig,i had cut down to 1 per day after just 3 days, and after 5 days i had stopped completely.After a further 5 days reducing the strengh of the Nucig,i was able to stop smoking completely just 10 days from first using the Nucig cigarette.

It's now been 10 weeks since i stopped & i know that i will never smoke again!!
I would not have been able to stop smoking without using the Nucig cigarette.

I am now enjoying a much better quality of life.

Thankyou to everyone at Nucig.

Kindest Regards,
Reverend Colin Dore

How Cool......April 9, 2012
Reviewer: Simon W
What a great product.....Trust me ....Don't look any further than Nucig as there is nothing out there any better.
Straight out the box pure satisfaction with plenty of Vapour which just puts a big smile on your face......What you waiting for :)

Great PurchaseApril 9, 2012
Reviewer: Scott Owen from Atherstone, Warwickshire United Kingdom
I have just brought this starter kit as many fellow work mates have started using the Nucig. After trying one i was shocked how close to the real thing it was! I am now down from 15 real cigs a day to 2-4 a day! already i can feel a benefit from cutting down!

nucig ultimateFebruary 29, 2012
Reviewer: rob Johnston from denby / ripley, derbyshire United Kingdom
got my nucig ultimate today i am absolutley amazed at how well it perfroms i smoke G/V roll-ups and purchased the 26mg lyk virginia, two or three hits seem to to the trick, filling the tank takes a bit of time but im sure i will get better and faster as time goes on i would recommend this to anybody give it a try you will be amazed

Best Xmas present ever.January 19, 2012
Reviewer: Mr Gregory from Sheffield

received as a present over Xmas from my son in law.

Gone from 40 a day to zero - painless.

Whenever I get a craving - 3 or 4 goes on my nucig and I am happy for another hour or so.

Got everyone at the club buying them now.

marvelous - best Xmas present ever.

Mr Gregory

Wrong color.January 18, 2012
Reviewer: Sarah Booth from Devon

Arrived late !
Asked for black !


Really sorry for your original order being lost in the post. Most orders arrive as early as the next day - if not recd within 5 days - please be sure to contact us so we can chase up.
Sorry we messed up with the colour - hands up on that one. Hope you liked the FREE extras we included in your last order - thank you for trusting NUCIG.

whopeee !! 10/10January 13, 2012
Reviewer: Jason Grant from Chester

From 15 to zero all in 1 go....whopeeee!!
awesome definitely recommend
thank you
J Grant Chester

very good indeed.January 11, 2012
Reviewer: Stephen Miles from Brighouse

Saw a friend who was using ecigs so decided to look into myself.
My friends was a big big and heavy - so i decided to look elsewhere and bought the nucig from this site.

My friend was so envious at how good and very well my nucig worked he bought one too !
Smokign experience is very good indeed.
thank you
Stephen brighouse

Highly recommended.January 10, 2012
Reviewer: Mary Giggs from UK
I got my first one from tesco - amazed they were selling them being curious I gave them a go an dbought one.

Must admit it seemed a little weird at first, the taste was not very pleasant, hard to draw on and some of my friends did feel a little nauseous after use.

Liking the idea of electric cigaerttets jumped onto the computer and did a web search.

Amazed at how many there were out there - nucigs were always commended or raved about and as they were also stocked at the chemist felt sure this was the one to go for.

What a difference, smaller, lighter and definitely much more smoke, all in all a much better quality and longer lasting product. In fact i dare say it is BETTER than smoking real ones.

Me and my friends have been back to the site many times now and service is always superb - arriving within 1-2 days, sometimes within 12 hrs ! Can't argue with that.

I have recommended nucig to so many people - even strangers ask me where to get them. Wish i was on commission - I could retire very soon...with my nucig in my hand.

Thank you nucig people !!!!