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Excellent product and serviceDecember 8, 2011
Reviewer: Alison from rotherham, united kingdom United Kingdom
Ordered the real look set and it arrived the next day, much quicker than expected. Was a little sceptical about the cigarettes as i have tried another brand of e-cigs in the past and was very disappointed. Have to say they are great and i need not have worried about wasting money. They look and feel roughly the same as real cigarettes and the vapour is great, along with the throat hit. Have just ordered more cartridges, e-juice and a spare battery.

top ecigNovember 26, 2011
Reviewer: daniel cohen from borehamwood, hertfordshire United Kingdom
finally have found an ecig i can stick to.have tried a few ecig's and this one by far gives the best amount of vapour and a great throat hit as well.the battery and cartomiser last a good while before they need changing.have just ordered the black pcc as the white one gets dirty very the 3-5 day delivery service and it arrived on the 3rd day so good delivery service to.

35 years later....November 25, 2011
Reviewer: Beata from London, United Kingdom
NUCIG is the third brand of electronic cigarette I tried, and the best. I actually prefer to smoke NUCIG than real cigarette. I have been smoking for about 35 year.
Itís important to get your equipment (the right type of battery and cartridge) the right level of nicotine in the liquid and learn how to refill the cartridges properly.
The real joy is to be able to Ďlight upí in the restaurant after a meal or bar with your drink.
I choose to believe that the liquid is much safer than inhaling the chemicals in the cigarettes. Electronic cigarette has been invented by a pharmacist. The real reason itís not advertised and marketed as it should be, globally, is the possible loss of billions of dollars to the tobacco industry. The hypocrisy of our government dogsbodies knows no boundaries. They are happily raising the price of tobacco product as it brings more revenue and tax to their coffers. I suppose itís just a drop in the ocean of the realities of the world weíre living in.

It really works - No willpower required!October 28, 2011
Reviewer: Vik C from East Sussex United Kingdom
I've been smoking Nucigs for just over a month.

Like most ex-smoker failures, I've tried it all.

Some methods worked for a while but when you've finished the course and count on your willpower.

With Nucig you give up smoking without feeling deprived. I still go out and socialise with smokers during their breaks and not tempted to smoke a real one.

Many of my smoking colleagues are envious I can carry on smoking whilst in the building!

The set's easy to use, easy to recharge and the savings are incredible.

If you're serious about quitting I'd advise you to try the Value kit plus an extra pack of 10 filters (cartomisers) which should see you through your first month, and for the fraction of a month's supply of your normal smoking cost, you'll be quids in for Christmas!

The online support team are really helpful as well - answering any queries you may have in good time.

You've been thinking about it for long enough now - just do it. You'll be so glad you did.

Sample KitOctober 28, 2011
Reviewer: David Hovell from Upton, Wirral, Merseyside United Kingdom
Received my sample kit today - 18mg. Now aged 64, I started smoking when I was about 14 and haven't stopped since. I was very impressed with the sample e-cig...excellent "kick" to the back of the throat and lots of vapour. Did leave a bit of an after taste but this soon went. Overall I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and effect of the product...thank goodness for a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette. Well done Nucig!

I'd recommend to a friendOctober 27, 2011
Reviewer: David Szypusz from newark, nottinghamshire United Kingdom
recommend they run a mile from this product that is.
mine lasted less than 10 recharges(PCC), and less than 15 charges for each cigarette, and the cartridges are overpriced and over rated, expect little more than 10 cigarettes worth by volume. and i'm a very light smoker, i got through just 13 cartomisers(cartridges) before the PCC Failed. also support don't answer emails in their time scale defined!!!
The 5 Star ratings are from people who don't realise how good the alternate kits out there perform

Good or bad -we really do want you to share your feedback.
Sounds like a defect battery has affected your PCC kit - causing it to under perform - as with all electronics sometimes they can go wrong but we are here to help.

We answer all emails in the order they are received. With so much interest in the NUCIG due to media coverage - it can take a little longer to reply than we really hope - we have taken on more staff to minimise this.

We have already sent you a returns number so we can test and replace your kit.
Waiting for you to make your return so we can resolve the problems to your satisfaction.

SuprisedOctober 13, 2011
Reviewer: Anon from Lerwick, Shetland United Kingdom
As someone who still likes to smoke i found the sampler very impressive, having tried to stop smoking numerous times to no avail i've finally found a solution that still gives me real smoking sensation without all the nasty stuff. When going to order a kit i was a bit unsure which one suited my needs best but after a chat to the very helpful assitant on the phone i was soon able to get exactly what i wanted. My kids are also delighted that i've found a healthier option.

Too hot to handle August 4, 2011
Reviewer: Stewart Harding from READING, Berkshire United Kingdom
I don't know if mine has a fault but after a couple of puffs the stem becomes too hot to hold in the fingers and continues to heat up for a while afterwards. Very disappointing.

NUCIG REPLY> Hi Stewart - you are correct - something is definately not right here. Just like toasters and kettles - it is possible for an item to be imperfect. It looks like you were unlucky in receiving a faulty item. Please contact our support team - who will of course be happy to arrange a replacement item for you + free extras.

ExcellentJuly 8, 2011
Reviewer: Adam from South East - UK
This is THE way to give up smoking. I cannot stress enough how similar to smoking a cigarette it really is. I used to smoke around 10 a day and I have just had my first real cigarette in 3 days and the only thing different is the bad taste in my mouth and bad smell that a real cigarette gives you! I would and have recommended this to my friends. Excellent customer service too!

ExcellentJune 22, 2011
Reviewer: Johnny5Alive from feltham, middlesex United Kingdom
I have tried countless of different E cigs,all of them failed! i tried 3 brands and all malfunctioned after a few days...and now to be honest i have finally found what i have been looking for.

Nucigs are quality..better vapor better pull..good throat hit and the AP3 battery lasts for a long time.

Now that i have tried the starter kit..I am definately going to purchase only from nucigs from now on! Real quality,well worth the money!.

'Blown' me away....June 14, 2011
Reviewer: Katrina from Hampshire , UK
I really appreciate the speedy delivery and the quality of the product which has blown me away, will be recommending Nucig to every smoking friend of mine. Just to let you know,

I found it super easy to quit with Nucig Advanced Pro 2 in May 2010 after 10 - 20 sigs a day for over 10 yrs.
I gradually came off the wonderful replacement therapy a few months on, until now that I decided to treat myself for a Value Pack of the new Advanced Pro 3... wow!

10 out of 10 from me ;)

it really works May 19, 2011
i was a 50 a day smoker, and i have been for over 45 years now, iv tryed every thing i can try to cut down and i tryed the NHS patches as well without any luck, then i tryed cutting it out this way, and it worked! wow! it was painless too
from 50+ a day to nothing a day in one go,,, i did have a puff on my palls cigy
but it tasted yucky! im happy with this nucig now, its saved me lots of cash and i can breath much easyer now, my dogs happy too, he gets longer walks now!
thanks guys for every thing you did to help me cut out smoking, at long last

Excellent April 26, 2011
Reviewer: Alice from Glasgow, Glasgow United Kingdom
This is the best tasting Menthol I have found and I have tried a few, Good Price and Good Value, would not buy anywhere else. Quick delivery also. Nucig I feel I can trust :))

Nucig, Adv. Pro 3 April 20, 2011
Reviewer: Lewis Ravenscroft from Hampshire
Absolutely amazing, I got mine in the post yesterday, read all the instructions and what not, marvelled at how real they do look.

I took one drag on this thing and straight away I knew I was never gonna smoke normal cigs ever again!

This is just too good to pass up, for those of you who think it's a waste of time, whether you're trying to quit or not, you're kidding yourself big time!

Thank you Nucig!

The AMAZING Pro3 Real Look April 20, 2011
Reviewer: James from Folkestone, Kent United Kingdom
What can I say about the Pro 3 ??

Iím more than pleased with the Pro3. Performance is great and he products look and feel good, excellent quality and good value for money.
The house, clothing and me don't stink of stale tobacco smoke. 'Real' cigarettes taste foul and I felt as if I was burning my mouth and throat, I never thought that I would feel like that about cigarettes . How on earth I smoked them for 40 years amazes me now.
I can't praise NUCIG enough...BEST thing I ever bought.
NO smokers cough and feel so much better!!

Last year I had major heart surgery. The day ater coming out of Intensive Care I was sitting beside my bed ready for the professors' ward round 'smoking' a Pro2 with red glow. I thought she was going to have a heart attack when she saw me surrounded by 'smoke' and a lit 'ciggie'. She did eventually see the funny side.
Just shows how realistic the Real Look NUCUG is.

Well done NUCIG.

Amazing!!! April 6, 2011
Reviewer: LH from Edinburgh, Midlothian United Kingdom
I enjoy smoking and have no intention of giving up but, like many, am tired of the ridiculous price and all the restrictions. So, I thought I'd give the sample cigarette a try, not expecting it would be any good. How totally wrong I was!

Within 3 days of starting to use the sample cigarette I'd reduced the number of 'real' cigarettes I smoke by half - from 25+ per day to 12 - with absolutely no stress and no will-power required. I can't praise NUCIG enough for developing such an amazing gadget - long may they continue.

Amazing!!! April 6, 2011
Reviewer: LH from Edinburgh, Midlothian United Kingdom
I enjoy smoking and have no intention of giving up but, like many, am tired of the ridiculous price and all the restrictions. So, I thought I'd give the sample cigarette a try, not expecting it would be any good. How totally wrong I was!

Within 3 days of starting to use the sample cigarette I'd reduced the number of 'real' cigarettes I smoke by half - from 25+ per day to 12 - with absolutely no stress and no will-power required. I can't praise NUCIG enough for developing such an amazing gadget - long may they continue.

NUCIG March 30, 2011
Reviewer: Raimonds Ziemelis from Enniskillen, Fermanagh United Kingdom
being an IT proffesional and doing over 75% of my work at home, over the years i have developed a terrible habbit of chain smoking in front of my computers while working on my tasks ... it has always been a real problem - ash everywhere in the room, ugly piled ashtrays, the smell .. not even to mention an impact it had on my health .

all i have to say it's simply brilliant - i get full satisfaction from it as smoking the "real deal" as in smoke/vapour expirience itself and not having any cravings AT ALL with a nicotine hit ( and i'm using medium cartomisers) ... no ash everywhere , no ugly stuffed ashrtays or morning aftertaste .... no more burned out smokes just because you forgot you have one lit already, no hassle with looking after atomisers or cleaning/draining and a clip pack that always has another battery charging so you are never stuck ...i could go on without even mentioning how much cheaper it is

BRILL !! March 25, 2011
Reviewer: Mary Corden from London, United Kingdom
It REALLY is EASY - Its just like changing to a different brand - except now its a PREMIUM brand with SUPERB taste.
The NUCIG is actually BETTER than smoking real cigarettes and FAR cheaper.

I USED to smoke 20 a day - this kit paid for itself in 18 days.
All my friends now have them - we 'light up' anywhere and everywhere and without problems; even my pub landlord now owns a NUCIG.

I can even buy my NUCIG filters from my local pharmacy - BRILL !!

Mary C.

Nucig Pro 3 March 3, 2011
Reviewer: Siobhan Aitken from Aberdeen, Grampian United Kingdom
Fantastic. The order was a bit late but I was so happy when it did arrive. I am down to 5 cigarettes a day (from 20+) I didn't really think I would ever achieve this as I have smoked for over 40 years.
I have tried 3 different types and this is definately the best.

Reliable, lots of vapour and so realistic. I like the menthol carts in the hard tips and the tobacco carts (highest) for the soft tips. Looking forward to the new B & H tips coming out too.

You won't regret buying this and will save a fortune

Happy vaping Siobhan

Where i smy order !! February 24, 2011
Reviewer: Sonia Adams from London, England
Still waiting after 9 days !

Please help !

<NUCIG reply - Please update your contact number & email , your shipping address and billing address have incorrect details and do not match your card details used for payment. Waiting to ship.>

Late delivery...well worth the wait February 24, 2011
Reviewer: Julie jenkins from Walsall, England
4 stars as delivery was slow otherwise EASILY 5 stars.

Waited nearly 2 weeks until I phoned NUCIG - who quickly resent and recieved 11am next day - very impressed.
As for the kit - very impressed again, PLENTY of fake smoke and very satisfying with good throat hit - a single filter lasted me 2 days and in that time i would have normally smoked anywhere between 20 - 30 normal cigarettes.

If you are thinking of trying the nucig - BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - you will not regret it.
I've worked it all out - it costs me less £1 per day - before it was easily £6.

A friend bought a cheaper kit elsewhere but compared to me pays a fortune in replacement filters as they last no where as long as mine....shes already put in an order for the nucig as it easily pays for itself.

Thank you nucig as I have finally beaten the 'habit' and I will use my nucig forever !

Well worth the wait for the initial delays down to royal mail.
Next 3 orders all arrived within 1-2 days - superb !


Unbeleivable ! Simple...Effective...Satisfying February 11, 2011
Reviewer: Ronnie Drake from Wembley, England
I WAS 20 cigs a day person. This pack lasted me over 15 days.

In that time I would have BURNT OVER £90 - this pack costed less than £25 !!

I was spending £6.25 a day - now it costs me less than £1.50 a day.

What is amazing is I actually PREFER using the NUCIG. It is just like smoking a real cig - so much smoother on my throat, I only need 5 drags and I am completely satisfied for hours.

I have smoked all my life from the age of 14 - beleive me these really are BETTER than real cigs.

Simple...Effective...Satisfying - now all my friends at work are buying them.

Ronnie Wembley.

Delayed but excellent service... February 11, 2011
Reviewer: Ann Brown from London , England
After nearly 2 weeks of waiting - they arrived and with FREE EXTRAS.

My order was damaged/lost during postage and I must admit I did delay and wait over 8 days before I contacted NUCIG.
NUCIG where very apologetic and VERY helpful in seeking a acceptable resolution and provided a full written response with tracking details and reasons for the non delivery.

As for the product - simply amazing. The smoke and the throat 'hit' is far superior to my previous 3 kits from elsewhere. The NUCIG is also very small just like real cigarettes.
I would whole heartedly recommend others looking to try the ecig for the first time or even those struggling to gain satsifaction from their current kits or supplier to give NUCIG a try - you will not be disappointed.

We all know things can go wrong - as they did here BUT I dare even say it was a pleasure to have the initial problem just to receive the excellent post after sales service.

Thank you specially to Alison & Melissa of NUCIG -you have gained a long term customer and will recommend you to all !

High School Teacher

2011 NUCIG Advanced PRO 3 January 2, 2011
Reviewer: Mariam wayne from Wakefield United Kingdom
Forget the rest, give yourself the best chance to quit its SO E A S Y with ncuig.
It really is like smoking real cigarettes - but no ash, no butts, no smells and one MaxVol filter lasted me well into the second day. So now it costs me less than 90p a day, before it was well over £6. I A C T U A L L Y prefer the nucig more than my old cigarettes.

My husband is so pleased with the Xmas gift he got me - he bought 10 MORE KITS for our family and friends

Max Volume Cartomiser January 2, 2011
Reviewer: Stephen Jaz from King's lynn, Norfolk United Kingdom
The best cartomiser I have ever used.
One has lasted me two days' best ever product.Five drags and I am satisfied for at least an hour.Was on 20 cigarettes a day have been on E-cigs two months now'and have not smoked a normal cigarette once.Thanks