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1st one did not work...but after sales superb ! December 23, 2009
Reviewer: Jenny Brooke from London
I ordered from this company as the nucig seemed to look very realistic compared to other products and the website was very well laid out and informative. I ordered this for my mum as a Xmas present and so when it arrived and did not work I was very upset.

I did contact the company and after several attempts got through. I was told the usual policy is for the return of faulty products before a new one can be sent out.
Due to it being a Christmas present - the company was very apologetic and they agreed to rush one out for NEXT DAY delivery and at no extra cost.

Received it today and with extra cartridges free of charge - this one works perfectly. Christmas has been saved ! Thank you to Alison who organised the fast replacement and within 20 hours. Superb after sales service - I whole heartedly recommend to all.

Ex. 30 a Day Smoker December 23, 2009
Reviewer: Barbara Hind from Brussels, Belgium
I have been a smoker for the last 26 years and now I have quit. How did I do it ? Very easily ! and with big big help from nucig. The wonder product is just like a cigarette accept it is a modern hi tech peice of kit that looks, smokes and tastes just like a cigarette. I love th eidea that my hair and clothes no longer stink of regular cigarettes and there is no ash or stubs to get rid off. I have been an ex pat in Belgium for 5 years and carry my nucig every where I go. I should be on comission as I have recommended this to all my friends and total strangers who are amzed at my nucig and what it has to offer. The best thing I ever did - kicked the real habit easily - thank you nucig. Barbara.

Best way to quit smoking December 4, 2009
Reviewer: Radu from Eindhoven, Netherlands
I've been a smoker for 18 years, 20 cigs a day. I've tried nicotine gum, nicotine patch....and while using those i was still smoking. Then two months ago i've bought an e-cig from another company to see how it is. Initially it was ok, but after the first 2 cartridges i felt my throat was hurting me. So i've decided to by something better...the BEST on the market. What can i say ... IT'S THE BEST PRODUCT...90% identical to the real cigarette. You can feel the "smoke" in your lungs, throat impact is great, looks identical to a real cigarette, produces a lot of "smoke" compared to other e-cigarettes, the taste in your mouth is awsome. Ordered the Vanilla flavour with Low nicotine. In 3 weeks i have smoken only 3 real cigs but that's because i wanted to see if i can still smoke them and THEY TASTE AND SMELL AWFUL. I've recommended this to my friends and they have liked it also. Good stuff NUCIG, keep it like this and bring Advanced Pro 3

WOW - Arnie & Winston Churchhill would approve December 1, 2009
Reviewer: Macker from Enfield
Totally ace - I'm like Churchill strutting around my flat with this beauty - the throat hit is superb and the smoke pumped out by this nucig product is out of this world. I also have a normal nucig which I have been using for 9 months and really happy with...but when this cigar version came to market well I just had to have one. It does not need charging - it just smokes right out of the box for around 2000 draws - how kuel is that!! I'm sure if I put my shades and stick my chest out whilst smoking this Arnie would approve of me as a double.

Well done another ace product nucig!

My NuCig November 17, 2009
Reviewer: Steve from rotherham, south yorkshire United Kingdom
This company has probably the best customer service I've ever had to deal with. My point of contact was Andy - professional, polite, helpful - I really can't say enough about him (give him a pay rise Nucig, he's worth it!!). Nucig have just replaced my equipment (because of a fault which I actually may have caused myself)- no fuss, no argument. They've even included so many free 'gifts' that I think Andy must be moonlighting as Santa. I'm a tough customer to please and trust me, Nucig have exceeded my expectations and I doubt there is a company anywhere that could outdo them on the way they treat their customers.

Amazing, I've quit! November 13, 2009
Reviewer: Steve Williams from Swansea, Swansea United Kingdom
I bought the e cig because "clocking out" for a cigarette at work meant I had to spend the equivalent of an extra day a month at my desk and flying to visit my son in America was hell.

I did a lot of research, so decided to purchase the NUCIG kit containing all the chargers. Had a faulty battery with my kit but Andy from the Support Team replaced it with no problem.

I haven't bought a cigarette in the 4 weeks since I received the kit. Weirdly, after smoking at least a pack a day for 35 years and with no effort, I'm now a non smoker but this product mimics the satisfaction of smoking so realistically I don't feel that I have quit.

So now I "vape" at my desk, I don't lose time on my clock and long flights will be no problem.

This system is so impressive that two of my colleagues at work have already purchased the kits and a few more are thinking about it.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

The best Yet ! October 23, 2009
Reviewer: Michael Jones from Barnsley, Yorkshire United Kingdom
I have been an esmoker for nearly 18months. In that time I have used several suppliers - many of which were simply a waste of time & money.

I have been using the Gamucci and the TECC titan for the last 12 months and reasonably satsified in that time in their use.

Now I have started to use the NUCIG 2010 Pro2. The nucig is simply superior in everyway to ALL I have ever used including the aforementioned.

The styling of the NUCIG is simply unique - it has a definate quality feel about it and resembles a real packet of cigarettes - all very clever and very convincing.

I have already introduced a number of my friends to the nucig who found it very easy to drastically reduce and even quit real cigarettes - all with very little will power.

One neg point is that the smallest pack of carts is a bit pricey - but then if you buy the bigger packs it is a much better deal i.e. 50/100/200 packs.

I have absolute confidence in recommending the nucig to others.

Reviewer: Melvyn Haynes (aged 41) from Bolton, United Kingdom
I already use the nucig and bought this nucig-r for the lads just before going on a golfing trip in Portugal.

In a word - totally brilliant and very convincing. The throat hit and smoke produced is immense and the flavour very good indeed.

We let one of the local managers try it who actually thought it was better than his real cigars he was used to and has now ordered a box full of the nucigars for himself.

Delivery was a bit slow took 5 days (possible royal mail strikes ?) and also ordered medium but got high.

People at nucig were genuinely apologetic when we contacted them by phone and offerred replacements or voucher codes for extras on our next order which is very kind and good customer service in anyones book.

Already ordered more for Xmas and New Year !

Took 2 weeks to finally arrive. Product very good. October 18, 2009
Reviewer: Harry Wales from Sheffield, Yorkshire
Now that it has finally arrived I am happy with my purchase as it seems to work very well. My order was delayed and did not arrive for nearly two weeks which is very poor. When a new order was sent out they did include a variety pack of filters which is of no use to me as I only prefer tobacco. I hope my next order goes more smoothly.

Your order was dispatched on the same day of payment.
Please understand that once we have dispatched it is no longer in our direct control.

Recent royal mail disputes may have contributed to the delay/non delivery of your order. We did send out a new order with free extras on the same day you called and sent using special next day delivrey by 1pm at no extra cost to you. We are sorry for the unforseen delay to your order and have added extra cartridge refills in tobacco to your new order.

Please note that if you items do not arrive within 5 working days - please contact us immediately and we will try our best to resolve the problem in th shortest timepossible and in a way acceptable to you our valued customer.

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Very helpful, friendly and easy to quit. October 18, 2009
Reviewer: Margaret Spencer from Doncaster, Yorkshire
I first heard about the nucig on the radio. Then somebody was using one at the bus stop and thsi person could not praise the nucig highly enough. Then I heard the advert again on the radio whilst in a txi - even the taxi driver said he had one.

I am not good at understanding gadgets but I wasl very surprised at how easy this was to use and how very effective it is indeed. I would ask anyone who has tried other forms of quit smoking to try this - it works and it is easy. When ever I have the urge to smoke I simply have 4 or 5 draws on my nucig - it lights up just like a real cigarette and the smoke is very real looking.

What i really like best is that there is no lingering smell and my house just smells fresh and wonderful again - even my visitors comment on the differance. I spoke to Markus who gave me all the information and suggested I bought the starter kit - I actually wanted the full kit but he advised that it had extras that I would not use like the car charger which I thought was very honest of him.

My order took 3 days to arrive which is fine. I have already told all my frioends about this company as they are very friendly and honest. My friend received a all black one by mistake - the company were happy to exchange at no extra cost and even added some extra cartridges in chocloate for free which was very nice.

Bloody hell fire ! 200% !! October 3, 2009
Reviewer: Jason Greening from Wakefield
Heard the advert on the radio whilst goin to work and having tried everything else to quit thought i would look them up.

The website is very slick , much better than the many others I have visited and very professional. Spoke to the people at nucig and they cheerfully answered all my stupid questions like - Does it work ? Will it work for me ? etc etc. I waited for them to charge me a fortune - but I was wrong they actually advised to buy the starter kit and not to buy anything extra until I was satsified with the initial purchase. delivered was promot the NEXT MORNING even though there are stirkes.

I could not wait to give it a go and even woke up the misses and even the postie wanted to hang around until I unwrapped it and gave it a whirl. The packaging looked very expensive and the actual styling is quality. When I first saw it looking up at me - I could not beleive it was not a real cigarette. It slighly heavy than a real one and when I took my first draw - BLOODY HELL FIRE !

My missus shriked, the posties jaw dropped...this little beauty lit up and glowed like a real fag and I nearly joked on the amount of smoke it produced. The throat hit just got better and better with each draw.

I have been using my newcig for 3 weeks now - i'm back for more items and kits for friendws and family, whats best ? I have not touched a bloody real fag since that time it arrived and that is coming from a smoker of 30 a day for the last 28 years.

Bought the nucigar for th euncle as a present and what a laugh that was - totally amazing products from this company. Saving so much money already and I actually feel so much fitter too. 200% well done for the product inventors and the helful staff at the comapny. J. Greening.

Excellent New Version September 16, 2009
Reviewer: Jim from Staffs
This is an excellent new version, it has the consistency that the older version lacked, it is cleaner and less messy, and the quality of the product has greatly improved. I have had a few battery and charger problems hence the 4 star rating however, NuCig as usual have been very accommodating, and have offered to replace any faulty parts. Over all though this is a massive improvement over the original Nu Cig Advanced, and I highly recommend the Pro 2, as it has a consistent smoke and feel to it. It is also lighter in weight and makes better use of the fluid in the cartridges, so it is cheaper to run.

I have been using NuCig now for 5 months and in that time i have not smoked any real fags. It took a little getting used to, a bit like changing to a different brand of fags. But now I find that I prefer electric smoking to real smoking, it is cleaner, I no longer stink, and I can do it anywhere I like, even at work.

Reviewer: Carrie Bennett from Patterson, CA United States
There was a serious mis-communication, an unreadable part of an email. I was contacted today by Carl at NUCIG and he was one of the nicest gentlemen I have had the pleasure to deal with. He is replacing my defective cig with a new and improved one :) and even said he would throw in some extras for my trouble :) I was very pleased with the professionalism he showed and the sincerity he showed towards his customers. He explained why they had to remove my review the first time, they need to investigate who wrote it as competitors have previously left bad reviews to try to deter people from buying these. I can not be happier with the outcome and will be sure to update this again once my product gets here and I get the pleasure of using it :) Thanks again Carl and the NUCIG team for all your help and for the wonderful customer service, and please accept my sincerest apology for my previous review.

Best thing I ever bought... September 14, 2009
Reviewer: Dave Thorpe from Abderdeen
I got one of these ecigs from a car show back in the August and it stopped working within days. Just received mu NUCIG and the quality of the it is obvious from just looking at the detail and the amazing small size - just like a real cigarette. Unlike my first model - the nucig packet is styled just like a real packet of cigarettes and is great for carrying around in my pocket. The smoke produced by this nucig is unbelieavble and very realistic and I only need 4 or 5 draws and I am totally satisfied. This is the best thinh I ever bought from the internet, ordered dinner time and it arrived next day for breakfast ! I have already recommended this to all down at the social and the company are really friendly also. DT Aberdeen.

EXCELLENT September 14, 2009

Get em them today. August 26, 2009
Reviewer: Geoff Kingsley from Plaistow, London
I'm a cab driver of umpteen years. I spend most of my working day in the black cab. Since the ban I hate not being able to smoke in my seat with the paper out whilst waiting for the next fare.

That was last week - no I enjoy my nucig when ever I want - and it's perfectly legal.

The best thing is that neither me or my cab smell - its totally fresh and the smoke just evaporates - totally harmless and public safe.

I can bought some extras from Markus at nucig and now I can even re-charge incar.

Made a small fortune reselling to my fellow cabbies and the odd fare who just marvel at with amazement at my shiny black nucig which glows a fab blue colour.

Fab product, fab service and delivery next day as promised.

Lisa Marie August 26, 2009
Reviewer: Lisa Marie from Kensington, London
My boyfriend bought me this for my 21st birthday. He hated me smoking real cigarettes becuase of the cost and the 'smell'. Tried so many times to stop in the past but failed.

Buy hey - look at me now - not touched a real ciggy for nearly 2 weeks - whopeeeee!

I absolutely love my pink nuCIG - my friends do also as it looks so kuel especially when it lights up green or blue. As well as tobacco flavour I also smoke the Apple and choclate flavour which are amazingly great and I still get the hit in the back of throat as before - but now I do not smell of anything and I feel so much better about myself.

I have already bought NUCIGS for my parents and it goes without saying they have seriously cut down on real cigs down to maybe 1 or 2 and within days.

THere was a small problem with my order - but the nucig guys quickly sorted it all out and added some free extras - super product fom super company.

Easy to Quit with nucig 10/10 September 4, 2009
Reviewer: Shelly Craig from Rotherham
After nearly 25 years if smoking - I have QUIT and it is was VERY VERY EASY with nucig device.

I used to smoke 20-30 cigarettes a day.... - not any more I smoke NO cigarettes. I tried one after 5 days - I actually HATED IT.
I used to smell of cigarettes, my hair , my clothes, my car , my house.... - not any more.
I used to go outside in the wind and rain to smoke... - not any work colleagues are happy for me to smoke around them.
I used to get tired very quickly and sufferred from low energy levels... - not any more...I seem to have lots more energy.

I heard the advert on Real radio and after 3 days decided to give nucig a call. It took a while to get through - I guess they are very busy - but I was greeted by very friendly memeber of staff called Carl who patiently answered all my questions.

My order arrived the very next day as promised and I was pleasantly surprised at how real the nucig looks to an actual cigarette. I was even more surprised at how it SMOKES like a real cigarette. You actally hold it and smoke it just like a real cigarette and its remarkable how satsifying it is.

I never knew these things existed and I am so proud of myself having tried all these years to stop the habit and I have now finally done it - it really doe snot get any easier than this - trust me. The nucig is awesome and I am sure it will be very very popular. Already recommended many family & friends to nucig all of whom who have had very similar success.

What really is amazing is that its actually cheaper than real cigarettes.

Thank you to everyone at nucig. I'll go and try those chocolate flavoured refills this time !

Knocks the socks off my first ecig September 1, 2009
Reviewer: Heather Faye from Wakefield
I had a model I bought from elsewhere which was half the price of this - I now know why !

My other model was simply too big, heavy and difficult to use with the actual smoke produced was always a bit of a hit and miss affair. My new nucig is lovely and knocks the socks off my first ecig.

The packaging is really ompressive and the nucig itself has a definate expensive look and feel about it. Unlike my first ecig - my nucig is very small, lightwieght and looks just like my real cigarettes - I am just amazed how good it really is. My first ecig used to run out of power during the day and needed continual recharging whereas my nucig with the portable charging case keeps my nucig going on and on for days before mains charging is required again. Don't fall into the trap of buying cheap imitations like me. I take my nucig with me evryhwere and proudly recommend to all my friends, colleagues and onlookers at the pub. Even the landlord is thinking about stocking the nucig. Order arrived within 24 hours as promised and the nucig team are friendly and courteous. Get the nucig - you willnot be disappointed. Thank you!

Beats my old 'bic' pen gamucci August 26, 2009
Reviewer: Laura Bellamy from PUDSEY, West Yorkshire United Kingdom
I have been smoking for some time now and had the gamucci which I thought was great.

Then I came acroos the nucig from this website and can't beleive how real this new one is. It actually looks like a cigarette and the smoking experience is so true - makes my gamucci look and feel like a lump of plastic bic pen.

Wish I had come across the nucig much earlier - I hated the sideway looks from others when I used my old ecig. Now I proudly use mu nucig - most of the time others do not even realise its not real.

The personal charger case is simply wonderful invention. I charge the box overnight - then I can use my nucig for upto a full week without ever need for mains charging.

Very happy with the nucig, friendly staff and prompt delivery within 2 days.

Exactly what I needed. August 24, 2009
Reviewer: Janette Green from Aldershot
I wish I had come across this site back before Christmas when I recd my first ecig from elswhere. Since Xmas have tried so many types including Gamucci and NJOY but they just look so dated, simply to big and heavy to use. Then I came across this nucig site and i was onto a winner. I spoke to the support people and they were very helpful and answered all my questions, the easiest people I have evcer spoken to becuase they were so patient and not pushy like th eothers. I ordered friday 2:30PM and as promised it was at my door Saturday 11:00 AM NEXT DAY - how is that for service! As soon as you see the nucig and hold it for the first time - its quality is very obvious. The best thing about my nucig is that it is small and lightweight and looks just like a real packet of cigarettes. I have now found nucig and would not swap it for any other brand. Since then I have recommended this site to so many people - I wish I was on commision ! Thanks a lot to nucig - I can enjoy my smoking in a more healthier way.

Very satisfied and recommended September 17, 2009
Reviewer: Colette Williamson from Southport, United Kingdom
My partner purchased this for me as a present.

When received, I did not know what to make of it and I just thought it was another feeble attempt by my partner to emeotionally bribe me to quit smoking again.

I was intrigued enough to try - I was completely shocked at how very very convincing the nucig actually is. I was completely bowled over at its realism to real cigarettes. I just want anybody who is thinking of quit smoking to give these nucigs a try - you will not regret it. I have since been back to buy more sets for my parents and they too with very little effort have actually stopped smoking real cigarettes.

I simply love my pink nucig its really cute and would not swap it for anything in the world. There was a small error in my subsequent order for new accesories - quickly resolved and with free extras by the company. Well done !

Thank you !

Astonished ! September 1, 2009
Reviewer: William Green from Burnley, Lancashire
In a single word ASTONISHED! Simply the best buy I ever made. For once a product that promises the easiest way to quit smoking - for me it was so easy. I used to smoke upto 30 cigarettes a day but since my nucig arrived 5 days ago I HAVE NOT TOUCHED A SINGLE REAL CIGARETTE...BLOODY WELL MARVELLOUS!!! Whta is weird is that when I did try a real cigarette - I just did not like it any more! I can now enjoy my nucig 'smoking' guilt free - I seem to have more energy and feel super great...wife is very happy also as I no longer stink like a toilet and house for the first time seems so much 'fresher'. Order took 2 days to arrive which was very good also.

Exactly what I needed. August 24, 2009
Reviewer: Janette Green from Aldershot
I wish I had come across this site back before Christmas when I recd my first ecig from elswhere. Since Xmas have tried so many types including Gamucci and NJOY but they just look so dated, simply to big and heavy to use. Then I came across this nucig site and i was onto a winner. I spoke to the support people and they were very helpful and answered all my questions, the easiest people I have evcer spoken to becuase they were so patient and not pushy like th eothers. I ordered friday 2:30PM and as promised it was at my door Saturday 11:00 AM NEXT DAY - how is that for service! As soon as you see the nucig and hold it for the first time - its quality is very obvious. The best thing about my nucig is that it is small and lightweight and looks just like a real packet of cigarettes. I have now found nucig and would not swap it for any other brand. Since then I have recommended this site to so many people - I wish I was on commision ! Thanks a lot to nucig - I can enjoy my smoking in a more healthier way.

200% Impressed - Look no further. August 24, 2009
Reviewer: Posebon Gonzalez from Michican, USA
Lets get one thing straight - I am a hardened smoker of nealry 40 years and started at the young age of 13. Yes i love my cigarettes. Yes i have tried and failed to quit so many times at the mercy of my Dr, wife, kids and now grandkids. I got for my birthday this nucig - did not use it for several weeks as I love my real ciagrettes so much. Suffered some real serious health problems of late and came across my lower desk draw and ther it was the nucig. I used it for the very fuirst time and.......blow me down I am 200% amazed....the device looks real and tastes just like thge real thing but my clothes and me do not smell of the horrible smell of before. I will cut to the chase - yes i do still smoke the cigarette but I am down from 50 a day to only 5 a day. I feel so much fitter and of more energy. The nucig does really work - if it can work for a stubborn old timer like me - it will work for you. I really do feel like a new man. The best thing that i never nearly never did - nucig. I have just taken stock of more nucig tobacco refills and hence my post here. Look no further - thanks so much. A new man Mr Gonzalez from USA.

Pink - So stylish and affordable !!!!!! August 23, 2009
Reviewer: Jenny Summers from LEEDS, WESY YORKSHIRE United Kingdom
I was sceptical when I bought this but now I have tried it I am amazed how good it really is I get my nictotine hit as before but my clothes do not smell. I am saving money compared to normal cigarettes and when I go clubbing - its a head turner and so many people comment how cool it looks and want one for themselves.

I definately recommend this product and website to all.

USA Buyer - 10/10 Remarkable Product June 2, 2009
Reviewer: Perez Henry from Copperopolis, CA
I have tried so many ecigs and all have failed to hit the mark. Weeks later, a buddy of mine showed me his NUCIG and I could not believe the smoke this ecig was pumping out. He was good enough to let me borrow a spare pack (his wife had bought 10 packs for her smoking work colleagues already) and I was already convinced it would fail to satisfy like all of the others. What can I say - remarkable !! - simply superior in every way. The NUCIG quality is obvious straight away - the packaging, the detailed ENGLISH instructions and the ecig itself carrying the NUCIG mark. Even the cartridges arrive in medicine style foil wrap - all bearing the NUCIG mark on the back. The remarkable thing about this ecig is - unlike all others i'd tried - its exact same size and looking to a real cigarette - its small, light wieght and 200% convincing and true to the real thing. Well I have returned the borrowed pack some time ago - I have now just placed an order for my 55th pack and as well as proving excellent cigarette replacement which has now means that I have not smoked a real cigarette for 10 weeks - the NUCIG now also provides me with a steady reselling income. Every one who sees it - wants one. Shipping to USA takes about 4-6 working days to my door. Get a NUCIG today you will not regret it.

Reviewer: Anonymous from England
NHS WORKER: Stop using real cigarettes and buy this now.

Cheaper and SAFER than real cigarettes. Ex smoker and I also work for NHS Smoking Clinic and this is far better than anything we recommend. Its a pity and GREAT FRUSTRATION that I am not allowed to mention or recommend this product to my patients and visitors due to stupid NHS red tape. I still slip a business card with website details for this product to my clients as I wish them to have the best chance of quiting , especially those with real health problems. Hopefully NHS will accept these products in the same good faith as the pacthes and inhalers which are hit and miss. Anonymous.

Excellent! April 6, 2009
Reviewer: Caron from Worthing, West Sussex England
I had had another e-cig, which was disappointing and so had gone back to smoking. I found this site on a last-ditch search, because I was so frustrated at my inability to give up. It's been brilliant and I can't recommend it enough! I feel so much better, my house smells better and my children are delighted! (And I still get to hang out with the 'cool kids'!) I use the menthol cartridges and they are great.

Wish I got one years ago... April 2, 2009
Reviewer: Sammy Cooke from Hastings, u.k England
Believe me these are good, very very good. Smoker of nearly 50 years never thought I could quit the real fags - well I did that with the help of these little beauties. I've been on them for about 3 weeks now and all is going very well. Friends have models from other suppliers - I would not swop mine for anything - mine looks so real and true to the real thing - they are now changing their models for the Advance Pro. I should have got one years ago.

WOW The advanced pro is amazing March 27, 2009
Reviewer: Gareth Tindell from Gloucester, u.k England
I heard about this product from a friend and have now been using it for about 2 weeks . I haven't smoked a regular cigarette for 2 weeks now and it has already paid for itself. I feel much better already , no cravings at all , I dont smell and best of all I know that I am not killing myself . I would recomend this product for anyone who has tried other products with no success in breaking their regular smoking habit . Why make do with an unhealthy dirty old steam engine when you can have a five star inter city125!!!!

Reviewer: BRENDA SHAW from HACKNEY, United Kingdom
I wasted time, energy and hard earned money on other cheaper kits - always disappointed with the unrelastic experience and bad after sales. A friend introduced me to this website and although more expensive, thought would give it a try as backed up with the 10 day no quibble guarantee. YOU REALLY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - SIMPLY AMAZING - UNBELEIVABLE SMOKING SENSATION (MENTHOL). Its paid utself back after only 17 days - I smoke 25 a day before now only 3-4 cigs a day. Put one of these ecigs next to a real one - my carer could not tell the differance ! She also commented how FRESH my house now smelt. The best £49 I ever spent - back for more cartridges - like the idea of chocolate flavour !! Thankyou !

superb March 16, 2009
Reviewer: David Henderson from Rainham, Essex England
outstanding cigarette, had to buy another one (my third purchase). Little bit worried about battery life. exeptionally good with [MODERATOR]. I don't know wether i'm allowed to say that, but between the two of them they have an absolutely exceptional product. the cigarettes are excetional along with the cartridges. But because of the quality of the cartridges ie. sealed very well. [MODERATOR] makes an excellent and cheaper option for refills.

100% works. I quit smoking 9 weeks ago !!! March 14, 2009
Reviewer: Jason Gregg from Plymouth, United Kingdom
I have finally quit smoking real cigarettes. I ahve tried all - patches, gum etc etc and even ecigs (cheap/rubbish...silly big ones) from elsewhere. This product is a) Looks JUST LIKE a real cig b) Smokes JUST LIKE a real cig c) PAID ITSELF BACK after ONLY 5 WEEKS. This is so much like the real thing and WORKS FOR A PREVIOUS 30 A DAY SMOKER. 100% works. 100% company. 100% recommended.

Look no further!!! March 3, 2009
Reviewer: Mike Bent from Stevenage, United Kingdom
I first bought one of these products back in the Summer and I was 50/50 about it for a while until, to my partner's disappointment, I stopped using it altogether and started back on the real cigs. I received this for Xmas and I thought it would be the same as before - but no I was pleasantly surprised. This is by far a better system and produces more smoke whilst delivering the nicotine hit I demand. It is much smaller and lighter than my previous model and I am far more comfortable using it - its so life like it's untrue. I am very determined to reduce my nicotine hit and believe this is possible using the 4 step guide provided by this company. Thanks for providing an excellent product.

THE BEST BY FAR! February 13, 2009
Reviewer: Mr Richard Suggs from Wembley
I have tried several other ecigs including Gamucci and recentely Nicocig and now Advanced-Pro. This is by far the most realistic looking cigarette and smoking experience ! I have ordered several for family and firends - they are all totally 100% amazed at this product and its realism to the real cig. I do not normally take time to write about consumer products - BUT I AM COMPLELLED TO RAVE ABOUT THIS. Simply the best in class. Next day delivery within 16 hrs ! Superb customer comms. Look no further. Mr Suggs aged 48.

Highly recommended. February 2, 2009
Reviewer: Bernard Simms from Hatfield
I have used several other ecigs from other companies - all with mixed and ultimately unsatisfactory experiences. My wife bought me this as she noticed I was using real cigs again. Just like to say this is the best ecig I have used, far more realistic and just like my real cigs. I am so glad I have your system - I really do beleive yours is the best - I should know - I have used many others from elsewhere. Wil recommend to all down at my working mens club. thankyou.Aged 58.

Reviewer: Mariam Shanti from Bristol
Very delighted with this product. I can honestly say I was very surprised at how real a smoking experience this delivers - just as good as - sorry BETTER THAN - my real cigarettes. I feel more at ease and enjoy my smoking experience knowing that it is actually saving my health. I did a lot of research before parting with my money & happy to say its the best internet money i've ever spent. Wonderful presentation box, easy to understand manual. I have full confidence in recommending your product to all my family & friends. Thank you!

WHAT CAN I SAY !! January 26, 2009
Reviewer: Victor Faraja from Leceister
Totally amazing. Just like a real cig. The smoke is so real I am spellbound. Showed it to friends at owrk- they could not tell the differance froma real cig - until I used it and it lit up GREEN!!! I then changed the end peace and it lit up RED!!! Bloody marvellous! They were really impressed. I still get my nicotine hit as before but I feel so fresh and do not smell of smoke.Girlfriend is really happy. I have been using it for 5 days and have not touched a real fag ( 20++ a day before). Expect more orders very soon!!

SUPER POSH !! WORKS !! January 24, 2009
Reviewer: Samantha Butler from Stoke
I pre-ordered this back in early January. I must admit I was made to wait - but despite the constant delays, the company always kept me updated with availability. Once it arrived (2 days ago) - I was super amazed at the quality - thats before I even opened up the presentation box.Just to describe the box - it is 'multi stacked' with a sleeve cover that slips off and has POSH (VERY POSH) silver artwork all over. It's the best presentation box I have ever seen - even beats the expensive perfume packages I have come across. The set now comes with 2 batteries EACH having a different coloured led which glows RED or GREEN - very clever! Then you also get 3 different mouthpiece designs - my favourite is the gloss PINK - stylish & SUPERB. Bascially using the different mouthpiece and coloured batteries I have 6 differrent style combinations. We had a ladies night in - guess what ? Everybody LOVED my ecig - now they all want one - EVEN THE NON SMOKERS.