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Based on a packet of 20 cigarettes costing 11 and NUCIG MaxVol filters


As you can see from the above, even if you are a light smoker - you could over 1,825 in the first
year of use. More of your money in your pocket and a healthier new way of smoking !

  • A normal pack of 20 cigarettes is about 11, whereas the equivalent NUCIG filters cost is about 1
  • Savings of around 10 per packet of 20 normal cigarettes
  • Light smoker of 10 cigs a day, could save 1,825 per year
  • Medium smoker of 20 cigs a day, could save 3,650 per year
  • Heavy smoker of 30 cigs a day, could save 5,475 per year
  • Very heavy smoker of 40 cigs a day, could save 7,300 per year