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MaxVolume Cartomiser Filter Packs Cigar Cartridge Filter Packs (NUCIG-R Only)

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Packs

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The NUCIG replacement e cigarette cartridges are prefilled and ready to use, available in different pack sizes to save you money.

The electronic cigarette cartridges are all VG based 60%-75% depending on flavour and strength to provide smooth vapour and with a really great taste. E Cig cartridges are available in different styles for the different kits and possible in a number of different flavours.

All our e cigarette cartridges with nicotine or without with up to 5 different strengths depending on your kit.

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MaxVolume Catridge Filter

A cartridge/filter + atomiser all-in one unit.
As provided in the value, starter & full kits.
Extra throat 'hit', High capacity

Maximum volume of 'smoke'/vapor.

Each cartomiser is the same as about 30 cigarettes.
Choose from 9 different flavours
including -
Tobacco, Menthol, popular commercial like and
fruit flavours.
Cartomiser pack sizes of 5, 10, 25 & 50
AdvancedPRO Maxvol Cartridge

Cigar Cartridge Filter

Only compatible with the NUCIG-R

Each cartridge/filter is the same as about 80 cigarettes.
Choose from 3 different flavours
including original Habana, Golden Tobacco and Cuban.

USB cartomiser pack sizes of 2 - 20.

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