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MHRA publishes the outcome of  ‘MLX 364’. 

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has, for a number of months, been undertaking a public consultation on the use of Nicotine Containing Products (NCP). 
This consultation process’s findings had potential for significant impact upon our ability to continue to service your requirements for recreational e-nicotine products.  Today the MHRA has published the outcome of a public consultation exercise ‘MLX 364’.  The findings are very positive.  The report illustrates the significant influence you the users have been able to provide to the Agency’s deliberation.
We at NUCIG believe that the MHRA should be commended for its judgement and obvious valued consideration it has taken from a significant wide base of stakeholders. It recognises, as we at NUCIG recognise, that our new industry requires regulation to support the safest and highest quality products for the user.  However, it balances the need for clear unambiguous evidence to be available to define and implement the necessary regulation.  The MHRA proposes a further 18 month of consideration and evaluation before it believes it will be able to report conclusive direction in Spring 2013.

NUCIG has and will continue to work with the MHRA to assist as we can in defining the appropriate regimes our business should be working under to support best the needs of our industry’s user community.  In the mean time we will continue to take a leading position in driving innovation and quality and keep you our customers at the centre of our business motivations.

The MHRA report can be read in full following this link.

Kind Regards