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How does the NUCIG

AdvancedPRO Electronic Cigarette Work?

The latest NUCIG Advanced PRO4 is a 2 piece electronic cigarette.

New for 2020 - the cartomiser is a 'Max Vol' filter - just like real cigarettes, warm 'thick volume smoke' it does not get any more realistic than this !

It is made up of the following 2 main parts

  • Battery + LED End - Powers the device
  • Cartomiser - Converts contents of the filter into a vapour

The battery screws into the cartomizer and you are ready to go.

Using the NUCIG:

The NUCIG user inhales on the electronic cigarette filter/mouthpiece.
  • Air flow sensor recognises this change in pressure and
  • Activates the inbuilt micro-processor within the filter
  • The filter uses a process known as atomisation to convert the liquid content in a fine mist or vapour
  • The user inhales the vapour and exhales the vapour
  • The user receives a dosage of nicotine within the vapour
  • The user receives a 'hit' and receives satisfaction to cravings normally met by a real cigarette
  • The exhaled vapour is WATER based and LOOKS like smoke
  • The exhaled vapour evaporates within seconds and is non-polluting to the environment or persons closeby

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