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Vape Olympics

The second annual ‘Vape Olympics’ was held on Friday in Atlanta, Georgia by a local vape shop and there are many more events of the same nature held in other US cities, like Chicago and Oklahoma.

16th September 2016

Should E-Cigs Be Prescribed on the NHS to Smokers?

UK's Royal College of Physicians has led the medical community in calling for a greater acceptance of electronic cigarettes ...

6th September 2016

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham 'vapes' e-cigarette in NSW Parliament

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham lit up the usually staid NSW upper house on Wednesday, inhaling an electronic cigarette to highlight what he says are holes in laws governing the controversial devices.

27 May 2015

E-cigarettes under-18 ban proposed by Scottish government

A ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to under-18s is to be included in new legislation proposed by the Scottish government.

5 May 2015

Physicians, Health Departments, Politicians, and Anti-Tobacco Groups are All Spouting Misinformation About Electronic Cigarettes

Usually we look to physicians and health departments to provide us with accurate information about health risks.

4 May 2015

Counterpoint: Does the Risk of E-Cigarettes Exceed Potential Benefits? No

E-cigarettes are nothing like actual cigarettes, and can be used for smoking cessation.

29 April 2015

E-cigarette users trying to quit smoking should vape every day, studies suggest

People who take up e-cigarettes in an effort to stop smoking should consider upping the nicotine dose they get by using them daily, scientists have said.

April 20 2015

Study doesn't prove e-cigs make quitting smoking harder

E-cigarettes are one of the ways people try to quit smoking...

April 17 2015

E-cigs 'aren't addictive' says poll of 10,000

E-cigarette use is massively popular among British teenagers but very few actually become hooked, according to the largest ever study of its kind.

April 16 2015

Their Product Is Doubt--Deceptive Government Campaign Against Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes, as most of us now know, are battery-powered devices that heat a nicotine solution to produce an inhalable nicotine vapor that does not contain tobacco, let alone burn it....

April 14 2015

Southern NHS Embraces E Cigarettes

Quit4Life is proud to be one of the first "e-cigarette friendly" NHS stop smoking services in the country...

20 March 2015

E Cigarette Shops Shaping the High Street

Now that plain packaging has spread to at least the Republic — while it is still being resisted in the UK — e-cigarette shops are the acceptable face of tobacco entrepreneurship...

18 March 2015

Clegg keeps a promise! After years of struggling, he has FINALLY quit smoking thanks to high-voltage blueberry vaping

The Deputy Prime Minister has become a convert to ‘vaping’, in particular using a blueberry flavoured e-cigarette which helps him unwind at home in the evenings, with the occasional glass of Spanish white wine...

12 March 2015

3.2 to 4.3 Million Vapers No Longer Regularly Smoke Cigarettes

Two large-scale surveys presented during the annual meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco reported that there are now around 15-21 million vapers in the United States, 3.2-4.3 millions of which no longer regularly smoke cigarettes...

11th March 2015

Smoking cessation market choked by vaping sales surge

According to data from Mintel, the smoking cessation market, comprised of brands including Nicorette, declined 4% in 2014 as vaping brands enjoyed a sales boost of the same percentage...

10th March 2015

Adoption chiefs' U-turn over ban on placing young children with parents who use e-cigarettes

Adoption chiefs have ended a ban on young children being placed with e-cigarette users after The Mail on Sunday highlighted the ‘misguided’ policy...

1st March 2015

Margot Robbie embarrassed by electric cigarette blunder

Actress MARGOT ROBBIE was left red-faced after she found LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's electric cigarette stuck in her "butt crack" after shooting a love scene for THE WOLF OF WALL STREET...

27th February 2015

British American Tobacco's sales hit by rise of e-cigarettes

Smoking continues to go out of fashion, according to the world’s second biggest cigarette maker British American Tobacco, which reported a 1.4% fall in sales...

26 February 2015

E-cigarette makers face rise of fakes

Counterfeiting is only part of the problem. Other tactics used to produce low-price or illegal e-cigarettes include bogus batteries that fail to recharge and liquids containing dangerously high levels of nicotine...

23 February 2015

UKIP protests against new EU move to tax E-cigs

New E-Cig convert, Paul Nuttall who is Deputy Leader of UKIP, has reacted sharply to news that the European Commission is considering hiking up tax on healthier electronic cigarettes...

19 February 2015

The madness of the war on e-cigs

Corruption and distorted facts are driving the clampdown on vaping...

17 February 2015

E-cigarettes in the workplace: first vaping tribunal decision is a warning for employers

A recent UK employment tribunal case has highlighted how important it is for employers to ensure that the use of electronic cigarettes or “vaping” is included in their smoking policy...

11 February 2015

Imperial Tobacco widens e-cigarette strategy with new brand

Imperial Tobacco Group Plc is launching a new e-cigarette in France next week, giving the big tobacco firm a lifestyle brand in addition to its existing brand Puritane, marketed more as a healthcare product...

4 February 2015

MPs Win The Battle To Smoke E-Cigarettes In Parliament

House of Commons officials have changed the rules to allow MPs to puff on e-cigarettes in parliament...

2 February 2015

E-cigarette bar ban law proposed

Electronic cigarettes would be banned from bars, restaurants and workplaces and made illegal for under-18s, under proposed new laws...

30 January 2015

Hollywood star Dennis Quaid, 60, puffs on an e-cigarette

He quit smoking in 2008 for the sake of his children, and it looks as though actor Dennis Quaid is still keeping good on his promise.

27 January 2015

E-cigarette warning for airlines

Air passengers are being urged not to pack e-cigarettes in their checked baggage...

26 January 2015

Wolves lift ban on e-cigs at Halliwell Jones after signing new sponsorship deal

WARRINGTON Wolves will now be able to smoke an electric cigarette after the club lifted its ban.

9 January 2015

Prisoners get e-cigarettes in move to ban smoking in jails

E-cigarettes are now being sold in three prisons across the UK as part of a pilot to test whether the alternative could be used instead of cigarettes...

26 December 2014

E-cigarettes: Debate - and confusion - is natural

It can be hard to know quite what to make of e-cigarettes...

5 September 2014

E-cigarette criticisms 'alarmist' say researchers

Warnings over e-cigarettes are alarmist - and increasing their use could save many lives, researchers have said.

3 September 2014

E-cigarettes: no indoor smoking ban planned in England despite WHO call

Department of Health rules out outlawing e-cigs in enclosed spaces in England, although Wales's government is considering doing so...

26 August 2014

'Ban E-cigarette use indoors,' says WHO

The World Health Organization says there should be a ban on the use of e-cigarettes indoors and that sales to children should stop.

24 August 2014

E-cigarettes 'less harmful' than cigarettes

31 July 2014

E-cigarettes are likely to be much less harmful than conventional cigarettes, an analysis of current scientific research suggests.

Almost a quarter of 13 and 14-year-olds in Scotland have tried electronic cigarettes, according to Ash Scotland.

New Ash reports investigates the prominence of ecigarette use by young teenagers.

12 July 2014

Critics slam "short sighted" EU classification of ecigs as medical products.

Smokeless electronic cigarettes risk being taken off the market by a "short-sighted" vote in the European Parliament that will classify them as a medicinal product, critics said.

11 July 2014

Electronic cigarette makers and sellers on hunger strike

Rome protest to proposed 58.5% tax in work decree

11 July 2014

E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?

Dozens of countries are introducing legislation restricting the use of electronic cigarettes, but their proponents say they are harmless and their use could in fact save millions of lives. Could they be right?

6 July 2013

Girls aged 11 'get e-cigarettes easily' in north Wales

Girls as young as 11 can get e-cigarettes easily from shops, friends, and parents, public health officials have warned.

19 June 2014

France moving to ban e-cigarette from public places, says report

France is preparing to place e-cigarettes on the same legal footing as tobacco smoking with draft legislation that aims to ban their use in public places.

10 June 2014

'Resist urge to control e-cigarettes', WHO told

A letter signed by more than 50 researchers and public health specialists is urging the World Health Organization (WHO) to "resist the urge to control and suppress e-cigarettes".

29 May 2014

E-cigarettes 'may undermine smoking ban in Wales'

The use of electronic cigarettes in public places may undermine the ban on smoking in Wales by "re-normalising" the culture of smoking, ministers fear.

29 May 2014

E-cigarettes 'help smokers to quit'

Smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit are more likely to succeed than those who use willpower alone or buy nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches or gum, a study suggests.

20 May 2014

E-cigarettes: miracle or health risk?

More than two million people in the UK get their nicotine hit via electronic cigarettes.

5 May 2014

E-cigarette users in UK have 'tripled' since 2010

The number of people who use electronic cigarettes in the UK has tripled over the past two years to 2.1 million, a health charity estimates.

28 April 2014

E-cigarette ban planned by Caerphilly council

Electronic cigarettes could be banned from use in council-owned buildings and vehicles in the Caerphilly county borough.

20 April 2014

The e-cigarettes phenomenon

In the UK, there are an estimated 1.3m users, compared with 9m smokers.

2 April 2014

London's first e-cigarette coffee shop opens its doors to capital's 'vapers'

Vape Lab on Shoreditch High Street offers punters 'old fashioned coffee and beautifully engineered electronic cigarettes'...

19 March 2014

Puppy dies from acute nicotine poisoning after chewing up its owner's E-CIGARETTE

A dog has become the first pet in Britain to be killed by an electronic cigarette....

18 March 2014

E-cigarette television advertising to be investigated

British American Tobacco welcomes inquiry after commercial prompts over 1,100 complaints

4 March 2014

Smoking breaks at work cost British businesses £8.4bn a year, study finds

Research for British Heart Foundation says cigarette breaks cost employers £1,815 a year for each full-time worker who smokes
3 March 2014

E-cigarette sales soar by 340 per cent

... but some are taking it up as a 'healthier' alternative to smoking

28 February 2014

Tough EU smoking rules approved

Anti-smoking legislation is to be introduced across the European Union in an attempt to cut the number of smokers by 2.4 million

26 February 2014

Boom in e-cigarette sales divides smoking campaigners

Experts can't agree whether e-cigarettes, now in TV adverts, are helping people quit or glamorising a dangerous, addictive habit

21 February 2014

Nutt: E-cigs 'greatest health advance' since vaccines

Getting all smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes would be the "greatest health advance since vaccinations," Professor David Nutt claims.

4 February 2014

E-cigarettes to be stubbed out for under-18s

Under-18s in England are to be banned from buying electronic cigarettes, the government has announced.

26 January 2014

Science 'wrong' in EU's proposed e-cigarette law

Fifteen prominent scientists who have investigated the health consequences of electronic cigarettes have accused European Union regulators of misinterpreting their results.

23 January 2014

E-Cigarette Health Row Catches Fire

As New York and Chicago become the first major U.S. cities to propose tighter regulation of electronic cigarettes, the row over their safety has caught fire.

10 December 2013

French shop banned from selling e-cigarettes after tobacconist complaint

French court rules that e-cigarettes are tobacco products in landmark ruling in which Toulouse store banned from selling or advertising products after complaint by nearby tobacconist

9 December 2013

Smoking e-cigarettes at work sparks row

In the first case of its type the rights of employees to use e-cigarettes is to be examined in an Employment Tribunal after a worker was sacked for using one at work.

4 December 2013

E-cigarettes: making smoking socially acceptable again

While bars, pubs and clubs across the UK continue to provide smoking areas for those who wish to indulge in tobacco cigarettes, there is a new phenomenon sweeping across the country.

3 December 2013

Calls for a change in the marketing of e-cigarettes

County councillors have voiced concerns that the marketing of e-cigarettes could lead to increasing sales of the products to children.

1 December 2013

Charity concerned for children as e-cigarette market flourishes

Children are being encouraged to use electronic cigarettes by sponsorship campaigns and celebrity culture, according to a new report....

27 November 2013

First airport e-cigarette zone to open at London's Heathrow

LONDON (Reuters) - Electronic cigarette maker to open the world's first airport "vaping zone" for e-cigarette users at London's Heathrow later this month, highlighting the rise of the smoke-free devices.

17 November 2013

Electronic cigarettes 'could save millions of lives'

Scientists say that if all smokers in the world switched from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, it could save millions of lives.

12 November 2013

Public 'seem to like' e-cigarettes

The British Medical Association wants them banned - but more than a million people are now using electronic cigarettes.

12 November 2013

Ecigarettes not a gateway to smoking

First Study to Examine E-Cigarette Gateway Hypothesis Can Find Only One Nonsmoker Who Initiated with E-Cigs and Went on to Smoke.

31 October 2013

European MPs say 'no' to crackdown on electronic cigarettes

CALLS to clamp down on electronic cigarettes were rejected by Euro MPs yesterday as they agreed tighter rules on tobacco sales....

9 October 2013

Shop worker's anger after being thrown out of a Mothercare store for smoking an e-cigarette

Suspended after using an e-cigarette in front of customers....

8 October 2013

EU rules to ban menthol cigarettes

Health warnings covering 65% of cigarette packs are to be introduced and menthol cigarettes banned under new EU rules approved today. ..

8 October 2013

E-cigarette ads bring smoking back to US television - but for how long?

US ads for e-cigarettes are being rolled out one after the other...

5 September 2013

Smokers who survive to 70 still lose 4 years of life

...smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death in Europe.

3 September 2013

E-cigarette makers go to war over EU proposals

Makers and users of electronic cigarettes went to war against EU plans to class the devices as medicinal products, saying any such move would end up harming public health.

3 September 2013

E-cigarettes banned from Essex’s trains

COMMUTERS in Essex, trying to kick the habit by smoking electronic cigarettes, will no longer be able to use the devices on trains...

10 August 2013

TfL vetos electronic cigarettes for staff

Now Tube commuters could face ban too...

8 August 2013

Breaking News: New study shows no risk from e-cigarette contaminants

And that assessment applies to the vaper himself. The exposure to bystanders is orders of magnitude less and of no concern at all...

8 August 2013

Electronic cigarettes in the music industry

Smoking has a long-standing association with the music industry...

6 August 13

Jail to sell inmates e-cigarettes

Jail in hoping to raise money to fund low paid staff...

6th August 13

British American Tobacco enters electronic cigarette market in Britain

Raising fears that it could eventually boost its profits with public money should the NHS begin prescribing ecigarettes as a smoking-cessation tool...

29 July 2013

QM professor calls for rethink on e-cigarette regulation

Plans to regulate electronic cigarettes as medical devices could jeopardise enormous potential benefits to public health, warns a leading smoking cessation specialist from Queen Mary, University of London...

23 July 2013

EU vote on electronic cigarettes 'makes no sense'

Smokeless electronic cigarettes risk being taken off the market by a "short-sighted" vote in the European Parliament...

14 July 2013

E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?

Dozens of countries are introducing legislation restricting the use of electronic cigarettes...

6 July 2013

E-cigarettes and the rise of the vapers: Can there really be smoke without fire?

In the hope of quitting smoking last year, an estimated 700,000 people in Britain turned to electronic cigarettes...

4 July 2013

First Clinical E-Cig Trial Shows Dramatic Reduction Rates

The results from the first-ever clinical electronic cigarette trial further suggest the product's potential to improve public health....

3 July 2013

Quitting smoking reduces surgery risks

Former smokers who stop at least a year before going under the knife have risks close to those of never-smokers.

26 June 2013

E-cigarette study hints at quit-aid potential

First clinical trial reported on electronic cigarettes shows positive light.

24 June 2013

UK announces tough restrictions on e cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are to be regulated as medicines, the UK’s drugs watchdog announced yesterday.

12 June 2013

France considers electronic cigarette ban in public places

Medical experts recommend e-cigarettes should be subject to the same restrictions as tobacco smoking

28 May 2013

Smoking 'poses bigger risk to women'

Smoking may pose a bigger health threat to women than men, say researchers.

1 May 2013

Financial Analyst: 1.5 Billion Fewer Cigarettes Smoked this Year Because of Electronic Cigarettes

Estimated that 1.5 Billion less cigarettes smoked

30 April 2013

Dispelling The Myth That Smoking From Hookah Is A Harmless Alternative To Cigarettes

Hookah flavour smoking is becoming common, but how safe is it

23 April 2013

Simon Cowell has finally ‘quit smoking’ with the help of electronic cigarettes

The music mogul Simon Cowell has now discovered electronic cigarettes

23 April 2013

Smoking ban linked to 1,900 fewer A&E admissions for asthma patients

Researchers find annual 5% fall in number of asthma sufferers admitted since smoking was banned in public places in 2007

17 April 2013

Smoking reduces house value by 30%, realtor survey suggests

Buyers do not value 'smoked in' houses

16 April 2013

Tobacco Companies Keep People Smoking Despite UK Cigarette Tax Increases

Tobacco companies adjust pricing to ease out price tax increases

12 Apr 2013

Electronic cigarettes ‘help nine out of ten smokers quit tobacco completely’

Smokers find that electronic cigarettes do help them quit in 9/10 cases

11 April 2013

First moves to tax e-cigarettes like regular smokes

How can this be ? First steps being taken in Amercian state.

8 March 2013

Electronic Cigarette Use that Makes it Useful for Smoking Cessation

New Study Identifies Key Features of Electronic Cigarette Use that Makes it Useful for Smoking Cessation

7 March 2013

Smoking halves in 40 years

The General Lifestyle Survey indicates 45% of adults smoked in 1974 compared with 20% in 2011....

7 March 2013

Researchers Identify 'Smoking Gun'

Grandmother's Smoking Could Be The Cause Of Grandchild's Asthma

5 March 2013

Curb e-cigarette ads, BMA advises

The British Medical Association has called for strict curbs on ads for electronic cigarette

14 February 2013

Electronic cigarettes - miracle or menace?

The number of people using e-cigarettes in the UK is expected to reach a million

11 February 2013

E-Cigarettes May Help Reduce Tobacco Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more widely used by people to either help them quit smoking, or reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke

5th Feb 2013

Graphic new warnings for cigarette packages...

All cigarette packets produced for the Irish market will now carry graphic photographs with a strong health warning.

1 February 2013

Electronic cigarettes seem to work, psychologically and physically

Doctor speaks out on patients using electronic cigarettes with success.

30 January 2013

Female smoking death risk 'has soared'

Women smoking nowadays are far more likely to die as a result of their habit than they were in the 1960s, according to a new study.

24 January 2013

Quitting smoking before 40 erases damage to health

Smoking cuts at least 10 years off lifespan but quitting before age 40 regains most of that time, a large new study suggests.

23 January 2013

Popular kids are more likely to smoke, study says

New research suggests that popular teenagers tend to smoke and influence others to smoke to fit in.

18 January 2013

'Too graphic' anti-smoking ad faces censure

Advertising watchdog received a flurry of complaints the spot was too graphic.

4 January 2013

EU body propose ban on electronic cigarette cartidges/eliquid

EU proposal leaked today.

19 December 2012

Menthol cigarettes face EU ban

European commission moves to outlaw cigarettes with 'characterising flavour', and seeks bigger health warnings

19 December 2012

New study

Confirms that Electronic Cigarettes are Much Safer than Real Ones, Suggests Minimal Risks of Secondhand Vapor

10 December 2012

Boss offers 'sweet breaks' to non-smoking staff

Workers at Leeds firm given perk after CEO discovers smokers get more done after puffing away

29 November 2012

A US judge has ordered tobacco firms to pay for a public campaign laying out "past deception" over smoking risks.

28 November 2012

If you're a smoker, could you imagine having to apply and pay for a licence to buy tobacco?...

14 Nov 2012

If the person next to you at work started using a cigarette at their desk, would you challenge them?...

13 Nov 2012

Sainsbury's has confirmed it is to remove tobacco from sale at a further six supermarkets in Scotland...

10 Nov 2012

There is an 'urgent' need to reduce the number of teenagers taking up smoking...

08 November 2012

A Norfolk hospital is to build three smoking shelters at a total cost of £17,000 after finding a no-smoking rule impossible to enforce...

05 November 2012

A FIREWORK company could face legal action after one of its staff was seen smoking on the premises in an undercover sting…

1 November 2012

Smokers take an average of 2.7 more sick days each year than their non-smoking colleagues and cost UK businesses £1.4bn...

31 October 2012

It is described as the biggest public health disaster in the history of the world...

28 October 2012

Women who give up smoking by the age of 30 will almost completely avoid the risks of dying early from tobacco-related diseases...

27 October 2012

Doctors call on government to speak out amid fears that tobacco industry influence is blowing tough new measures off course

26 October 2012

Researchers have backed a proposal to ban smoking in private cars after they found that the habit produces pollutants which could be harmful to passengers.
24 October 2012

A COMPANY which flouted the smoking ban found itself in hot water and had to pay up more than £2,600
22 October 2012

CONTROVERSIAL plans to ban smoking from Blackpool parks are set to go before councilors next week....

19 October 2012

Anti-smoking campaigners accuse tobacco lobby after office break-in

Brussels police sweep for bugs two days after European health commissioner quits...

18 October 2012

University Hospital of North Staffordshire ditches ban on smoking

A SMOKING ban is being dropped at Stafford-shire's biggest hospital because it is being flouted by so many patients and…
15 October 2012

The Welsh government will invite committees of AMs to hear the arguments about whether to exempt film and TV sets from the smoking ban....
09 October 2012